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Wm. Coey Vierling, PS

Hello, I am Coey Vierling, owner of O•IN•KY Land Surveying, LLC.   

I am a licensed Surveyor in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

I received my degrees from Cincinnati State and Northern Kentucky University.  I have over a decade of experience in the profession.

I discovered surveying through an introduction class in college. I enjoyed the varying aspects of the career. It requires problem solving and math skills. It demands an ability to work outside in all weather conditions, while also having an inside the office component to mix it up. There are days spent looking for property 

professional land surveyors oh.png

corners in the woods as though it were buried treasure, and it can feel like you've found treasure after a hard-fought search. Other days are spent on busy construction sites, hammering wood into the hard ground to tell the contractor where to place the building while watching for heavy equipment moving around the site. Once I started doing this line of work, I knew I had found my lifetime career.     

A surveyor is part treasure hunter, part historian, part mathematician, part explorer, part private investigator.

Surveying is not just a profession; it is truly a passion. 

I look forward to working with you  on all of your surveying needs.

Ohio License Verification 

Indiana License Verification

Kentucky License Verification

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